Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All about Wimberley

When you get to Wimberley with your recreational vehicle, you'll want to know just a few short notes for getting around and getting started that will save you some time.

Note : This is a blog post that we'll update every now and then...

* There is a grocery store called Brookshire's. It is just north of the very little downtown area on Ranch Road 12. (Ranch Road is a Texas terminology, but it is just a highway and that is the name).

* I've found WiFi in the little Wimberley downtown area so you can get emergency WiFi.

* Our cell phones are T-Mobile, which utilize the same radio types as AT&T so we feel pretty confident that both those will work. There is Verizon store in the town so you should have at least those three phone types working.

* Wimberley does not stay up late. You can go out for dinner, but be prepared for your nightlife to be your own - TV, reading, chiminea, campfires, working on computer projects, and visiting with neighbors or yourselves. We've seen where there might be a place open until 10 or midnight that serves a beer or two, but so far, we've not tried it.

* If you are on Wimberley on the first weekend of the month, traffic will surprise you. Plan accordingly.

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