Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Things to Have in the Trailer At all times

Things to have in your RV [ that might not be obvious ]

Note : This blog entry will be updated as time goes on!

There are a few things other than clothes and groceries that might surprise you that you need or will find very happy to have around your recreational vehicle. This list is the odd ball things - while we have another, more fun list, for the things that really make a place cozy. So think of this list as the un-fun but sure are glad you have list!

* Padlock and key for the hitch (we have this for Puma our travel trailer)
* A level for leveling. Maybe people with fancy systems do not need this.
* Water purifier (the pitcher type thing for your fridge).
* If you don't have an iPod connection, an iPod-to-RCA splitter would be very useful.
* Windex window cleaner.
* A small wrench kit.
* Mosquito repellent.
* Anti-itch cream.
* Ibuprofen.
* Antacid
* Boards for the stabilizer jacks on each corner of the recreational vehicle.
* Boards for the MAIN jack located on the tow bar for the RV.
* Boards for the LOW side wheels in case you need it for leveling the RV left to right.

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