Sunday, March 14, 2010

Checklist for Leaving RV at the Park and Going Home

Sometimes you will leave your RV ( recreational vehicle ) setup like we are doing so you have it as a vacation home. When you leave it, you have to do a certain amount of preparation. I think this list would need to be augmented for leaving for period of more than 2 weeks. Certainly, it would need to be augmented when towing the vehicle out. Here is another checklist for returning to your RV from your home.

I put together this checklist, which we discovered by making mistakes!

* Disconnect and Drain your clean water (especially if cold) from the system.
* Disconnect your cable TV (low priority).
* Unplug all appliances plugged into normal outlets if possible.
* Drain your black water tank if you are using it (we do).
* Follow with draining your grey water tank.
* Remove your sewer drain hose and stow.
* Turn OFF your hot water heater.
* Turn OFF your heating/air conditioning.
* Close all your windows.
* Close any roof-side vents (like in the restroom).
* Crank down your TV antenna (if you are using it).
* We LEAVE our slide out. I think this is personal conviction.
* Slide in your awning in case it is windy or will rain. Actually, bring it in no matter what.
* Put away loose furniture that is outside.
* Turn OFF and also check your Propane tanks.
* Probably a good idea to pull all of your blinds.
* LEAVE your electric plugged in for your fridge.
* Quick inventory - make list of what you need for the RV when you return.
* Dirty Laundry - Clothes / Sheets / Towels
* Leave a sign or card in the window by the door or nearby with your cell phone number [ Thanks to Thom Hock for the suggestion ]
* Lock your doors, storage areas.

Now, you can be sad that you are leaving your imaginary world where you do what you want to do whenever you want to do it AND that you are returning to the real world - that is - well - not that way!


Alex said...

Hey guys just saw your comment over at TinyHouseTalk, thanks for stopping by! I'll come by once and a while to check you out. Talk to you later, Alex

Thom Hoch said...

We also leave a card in a window by the door that says: "contact us at xxx-xxx-xxxx" (our cell phone number). We do this so anyone can easily and quickly reach us in case of emergency or any other camper-related issue.