Friday, March 12, 2010

RV Dry Storage : Keeping Puma at the Ready

During the Christmas 2009 season, Sheri and I were going to be so busy that we weren't going to be able to stay in Puma as our weekend getaway. So we towed Puma from Llano River RV Park to Millers Creek RV Park (drive through and a REAL review both coming!). We checked out Millers Creek ahead of time so we knew it was first class.

We asked them if we could just keep it there for a month and they said yes. We paid them $40/month and things turned into 3 months, but it saved us a great deal of hassle.

We called Millers Creek and they were so very kind. They told us that they could even tow Puma from the storage area to a site so we didn't have to drive Mr. Big all the way out from Austin. So now we're all setup, we didn't even have to bring Mr. Big.

We asked them if they did that little 'tug boat' service much and they said they did it quite often. Evidently, we were not the only people that thought of that.

So here is a mini-checklist...
* RV Parks will store your RV.
* RV Parks will even move it to-from your storage area.

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