Friday, December 4, 2009

Drive By Quick Review : Fort Mason City RV Park

In downtown Mason, Texas, there is a little recreational vehicle park for which you can find precious little information. It is called the Fort Mason City RV Park and on our drive by review we were very impressed.

There isn't a web site per se but a few tidbits. It is a huge park and the RV's can be parked very far apart. There are many, many trees, which I think are pecan trees. It is very, very shady and very big. We took some pictures from our cell phone - unfortunately we did not have our regula
r digital camera. But hopefully, you'll get the idea.
Next to this park are ball fields, driving ranges, soccer fields and a golf course. I would call this a little gem in the Texas country. It looked very quiet and the part closest to the highway was about 100 yards. The highway traffic is already slowed by the time traffic passes the park so road noise should be very subdued.

We stopped and visited with the park host, who were a very nice couple from the coast. They keep the bathrooms clean (and they were working on them when we were there), the lawn mowed (which looks to be about 20 acres of mowing), and collect the rents. You can simply drop the money in a drop box but if you want to use Visa, you can drive down to the city of Mason building - which we don't know where it is.

We asked what the monthly rate would be and they said it was $375. They had plenty of room when we did this drive by review (Nov 24, 2009) and that is at the high point of the hunting season.

Sheri and I would definitely stay at this park if the opportunity provides.

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