Monday, November 30, 2009

The Second Pull - Wimberley to Mason

Thanksgiving 2009 : Sheri and I decided we would tow Puma (our recreational vehicle) from our very first RV park in Wimberley Texas to Mason Texas. I put a Google (thanks Google) map at the bottom of this post so you can see the route we took. We made a little video of some sights and sounds of Wimberley Market Days and Wimberley Pioneer Town.
We did NOT take the route Google suggested, but instead went through Dripping Springs so we had better roads - two lanes each direction mostly. You may not know this, but when displaying a Google map, you can click on the blue line and MOVE the route and Google will completely re-route the map and re-calculate the distances for you. We think our change is a better rv route.

Dripping Springs is a nice place to live, mostly because it is more like a region than a community. But it is not a destination - it is just a place to pass through. That being said, there is a nice RV park close by (we'll try it out and report on it) and it would be great for quiet country living close to Austin. But it is just a place to live, not really close to anything interesting.

One town we passed through is Johnson City Texas. It prides itself on being the birthplace of Lyndon B Johnson. It also looks like a pleasant little town to spend some time as well. We've got an RV park targeted close by Johnson City ( Millers Creek RV Park ) so that is on the radar map too. More on that later. Here is a video of downtown Johnson City. It is a quiet, pleasant little town.

After Johnson City the next little town along the way is Fredericksburg Texas. Fredericksburg is a real gem of Central Texas. It has vineyards, winery's and a wonderful heritage. I believe (based on observation - no measured facts) that the city derives most of its economic activity from tourism. So you'll see it is very touristy. Some Texan's might think that is selling out. Nonetheless, it is a fun, fun place to spend some time.
After Fredericksburg, We pointed Mr Big and Puma up highway 87. If you adore simple countryside - what you might call "an austere beauty" then this drive is a wonderful drive.

I took a few pictures with my cell phone (we forgot the regular digital) of some amazing landscape cut right into the rock alongside the road. I hope you enjoy these pictures. The camera cannot capture their beauty. IT would be an awesome thing to capture with paint and oils.

As far as pulling the trailer it was uneventful EXCEPT we weren't sure if the backup gas tank was full and our main tank was empty!

We will probably consider getting sway bars and we're not sure if our trailer brakes are working so that is a huge concern but these things take quite a bit of expertise.

Cheers for now.

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