Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mini Catalog of Useful RV Things

[ This is a list that we'll update from time to time... ]
[ PS - These are all things that we are using, have used, or are REALLY close to what we are using. ]

Recreational Vehicle Outdoor Mat or Rug - A great mat that will keep you recreational vehicle CLEAN and it is simple to clean as well. Reversible too. Very easy to roll up and light weight.

Audio Headphone to RCA connector Y connector or splitter - This is SUPER useful for playing your iPod on older stereo systems. You just plug one side into the iPod (or similar) and the other side into the Red and White RCA plugs on your stereo. Then you simply use the "Aux" or Auxiliary selection on your stereo to play your music.

Valterra Universal RV Sewer Adapter - This saves worrying about not having the right size to screw in the dump 'zone'.

7 pole extension cord. Allows your 7 pole trailer lighting to reach a few more feet. Very handy for connecting an outlet made for a fifth wheel to a travel trailer.

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