Sunday, December 20, 2009

7 pole Extension cords for the Trailer lights and brakes

I know this seems SO OBVIOUS that it is painful, but we purchased Mr. Big (our pull vehicle for Puma our recreational vehicle) used and Mr. Big was already equipped with a 5th wheel hitch and a 7 pole receptacle for the 5th wheel.

But we had a travel trailer and the only thing brought back to the travel trailer hitch was a 4 prong connector.

Now those 'crazier' (more ambitious) minds thought that they should get under the truck, splice into the wiring and then route/drill/and mount another 7 pole receptacle on the hitch of the truck.

That sounded like a great deal of work. We didn't do it . We found a GREAT 7 pole extension cord which is available at most RV stores - or at least the ones with a nice selection.

Now I'm accused of picking a solution that is 'not elegant'. You can't please everyone, but I'm sure happy about it!

I'm attaching a picture so you can see it and not have to click on the link.

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