Thursday, December 10, 2009

RV Park Review : Llano River RV Park (Mason, TX)

Over Thanksgiving 2009, Sheri and I took our recreational vehicle (RV) which we call Puma up to Mason, TX. Of course we pulled the trailer using Mr. Big, which you can read about earlier.

We stayed at the Llano River RV Park, which is about 5 or 6 miles south of Mason and it is located on route 87 directly on the Llano River.

We pulled Puma up on Tuesday and stayed through Saturday, leaving Saturday and pulling Puma into dry storage in Johnson City, TX. We're so busy in December we decided to just park her.

For those 5 days, we paid $114. We got full hook-ups (Puma is 30Amp), septic/sewer, cable TV (about 15 channels) and WiFi. The WiFi was a little slow, but workable. Our cell phones worked OK outside, but not inside the RV. We have GSM service, so expect your T-Mobile/ATT phones to work but you may have to be outside for good reception.

Probably the most important part our our writeups that we could possibly record for you is the answer to the question : Is the park's web site accurate?

The answer to that is a resounding YES! In fact, the web site really cannot capture the peace and quiet of this wonderful remote location.

Since we were located right by highway 87, we did get a little road noise, but really, it was nothing to even think about.

Here are some of our Thanksgiving notes.

First, it is in the Texas Hill Country and even though that is not South Dakota it still gets chilly. Several nights were wonderfully crisp - getting to about 40 degrees.

Since the nearest Texas city (Austin) is about 2 hours away, it is DARK, DARK, DARK at night. In the summer, star gazing would be wonderful. For us, it was a bit chilly, although we're seriously thinking about a chiminea now! Make sure you brush up on your constellations since you'll get a chance to see the stars - including the milky way from this park.

Next, since it is about 3 hours from San Antonio, but a simple and straight shot, there were several families that come to this park on weekends as a get-a-way, just like Sheri and I are using good old Puma right now. One very kind couple were like honorary park owners (but they rent a spot) and knew everyone and it was very personable. They even invited us to Thanksgiving dinner at the park rec center which is a GREAT place to have a reunion or family dinner. It could easily host about 30-50 people so that is big enough for most reunions. If you ever get there ask Trey and Lela if they ever met a couple from Nebraska that had trouble loving UT! They might remember us.

In Mason, there is a little grocery store, several gas stations and a place to get propane, right on route 87. We'll do a separate little writeup on Mason.

So this park is a KEEPER. Unless of course you don't like peace and quiet. I'm guessing the river has pretty good fishing, but do not know.

I hope these pictures do it justice. Cheers.

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