Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Series : Our Electrical Mystery(ies)

After thanksgiving at Llano River RV Park, we put Puma in dry storage at our next central texas destination.

Mr Big we parked near our home without wheels.

A week later, I tried to start Mr. Big. He was DEAD. DED. DEAD as a doornail. Croaked. No lights. No 'bings'. No nothing. NADA.

He's been working perfectly. Starting stopping and all that. Nothing was left on - believe me I checked. Over Christmas break I'll jump him.

So here are my latest clues :
* Trailer brake system does not work.
* Battery goes dead in explicably.
* Trailer lights system works ok.

Can I wonder - the broken trailer brake system is draining the battery and so I ought to try to get a new one of those? I'm thinking this is worth having a real expert (in trailer brakes) take a look.

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