Thursday, January 14, 2010

Corpus Christi - USS Lexington

This weekend (January 2010) Sheri, myself and the family took a family trip to visit the USS Lexington down in Corpus Christi, Texas.

While this wasn't strictly related to our RV, it is related to ideas about travel and this is a neat destination. From Austin Texas, the Lexington is about 3.5 hours south on I-35/I-37 via San Antonio. There is an alternate route that is really just about as easy which is Texas 181/123 and goes between San Marco and Corpus.

RV Route Recommendation : I would recommend Texas 123/181 over I-35/I-37 in a heartbeat. Very little difference in time, but lots less traffic, wide open roads and would really be an easy drive.

There is a very large bridge right next to the Lex. You can park your car underneath that bridge. From there it is about a three block walk to the Lex. You'll walk up a very long walkway (about 250 yards) and that will get you to the entrance. The pay booth is literally right in the hangar bay of the great carrier.

On board there are five different tours (or routes) you can explore. My favorite is the engine room. You get an idea of BIG when you see the GEARSHIFT for an aircraft carrier and it is the size of two full size Chevy van's right next to each other.

There is a gift shop and cafeteria. Many exhibits are low tech and very simple, but if you are willing, you will learn a great deal. We DID get to view a really good movie which detailed the Red Flag 'competition' at Nellis Air force base in Las Vegas. Very touching and a recommended view for young people interested in working to be a pilot.

We did not have good luck with the kids as they wanted to ROAR through the exhibits. Assess your child or grandchild and decide if they'll go at your pace. There were a great deal of stairs that were very, very steep so call and see how accessible it is if you have moving around.

Here is my LINK to the video of the bridge of the USS Lexington.
Here is my LINK to the video of the flight deck of the USS Lexington.
Here is my LINK to a video of a big ship (ok I think it was kind of cool) leaving the Corpus Christi port.

Hope this helps! Send questions or post a comment! Thanks.

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