Friday, January 15, 2010

RV is defined as "Home" in IRS Home Interest Deduction

Regarding RV's (Recreational Vehicles) I don't even KNOW what I don't know! I stumbled across this little tidbit and wanted to pass it on. Currently, Sheri and I pay interest currently on Puma. So naturally, this IRS publication caught my eye.

Look for the definition of "Qualified Home". If you see what I see, it says : "For you to take a home mortgage interest deduction, your debt must be secured by a qualified home. This means your main home or your second home. A home includes a house, condominium, cooperative, mobile home, house trailer, boat, or similar property that has sleeping, cooking, and toilet facilities.".

You file your taxes the way you want, but we'll be calling Puma, a home!

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