Monday, July 26, 2010

Keeping the RV Clean and Neat

Here is an update to the original post.

Sheri and I no longer recommend these mats at all. AT BEST, they would work for light duty and getting in/out of the RV. Even though we really liked it and the people who introduced us to them really liked them, we have already thrown ours into the trash.

So after about 5 months use, the material starts 'flaking' or shedding, almost like fiberglass particles and you get them everywhere. We left the mat out all the time, but it simply cannot stand up to outdoor use, particularly in the Texas sun (I ASSUME (but have no empirical evidence) the sun).

Our next attempt will be an astro-turf-like rug.

[ Original Post - Jan 2010 ]

When visiting our RV (recreational vehicle) recently Sheri and I ran across a woman who had a fantastic outdoor mat (or rug) under her RV retractable awning.

The mat was this amazing rubbery material, I think polypropylene, and it was reversible. It was brown and white and was very, very light. She said it was very easy to clean - having hosed it off before with just a simple garden hose. She also said she loved how it easily rolled up and could be stored.

We had asked her where she had gotten it and she had said Walmart.

We found one mat at Walmart and purchased it immediately.

The MOST IMPORTANT benefit of having a mat is that it keeps gravel and dirt from being tracked into the RV from the campsite. We have found, more often that not, that the RV pad sites are gravel and not concrete, which means it is very easy to track in debris. The mat solves so much of that.

I tried to find the mat online at Walmart, but you cannot get it from, which seems funny to me. You can however find it at

Good luck. We've put it over in our catalog section so you can find it over on that page.

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