Tuesday, July 27, 2010

RV Odd News : Lucy the Chicken Herding Dog

Recently, Sheri and I took a trip with the kids. We went to Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and visited several sites. We opted NOT to utilize Puma our RV since for almost 1/2 of the trip, we would be able to stay with family.

On the trip, we visited a tiny little town in Nebraska called Miller. In that town we met a fellow who has a dog that had no purpose in life and was a bit of a trouble-causer. Then he bought some chickens and it turns out the dog then found a purpose. It (actually she) loves to her chickens and will do it all day.

I got a short video of it. I put music on the video, but this fellow will actually say to the dog "Lucy, get the birds." and the Lucy will go chase chickens. She does it all day every day and simply nudges them with her nose and has never hurt a chicken.

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