Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Outdoor House : The Bathroom

When you think of an RV ( recreational vehicle ) based outdoor house you may not think of having a bathroom that is part of the outdoor living space. But for Sheri and I, that is a key part of the plan. We think about how nice it would be to take long baths and be able to look out onto nature, or over city lights, and so on. Doesn't that sound nice?

Our goal is to have the commode, the shower, and a bath to be outside. We think about not having doors, but have walls placed such that you'd have privacy without doors. There would be walls which would provide privacy, but definitely not all the way up to the ceiling - no - just high enough for privacy without hurting the open feeling.

Here is a picture of an outdoor oriented bathroom that has some of the elements that we really like.
rv bath room idea for outdoor house

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