Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Outdoor House : The Living Room or Great Room

When Sheri and I think of our outdoor house with its environmentally protected zone ( the RV ) our minds gravitate towards a large room concept that has these elements BUILT-IN to the design.

  • Comfortable seating where you can lay down, sit up, and it should feel nice and stay clean.
  • Covered living.
  • Cool-able via evaporative cooling
  • Heat-able via large fireplace that is a focal point for the room, but at odd angles.
  • Heat-able via those gas space heaters you see at restaurants
  • Large attractive ceiling fans.
  • A big screen TV hanging from the rafters.
Have you ever watched a movie outside? It is a great experience. Now imagine you can do it without worry from the elements, still be completely open, and imagine a fire in the fireplace. Now you're getting our vision!

Here is a picture of a wonderful room that captures so much of what we'd like to do. We can imagine a big screen built into the fireplace as well as hanging from the ceilings.
rv living room idea for outdoor house


Anonymous said...

Nice vision. Even though putting the TV on the fireplace might look good, in reality it's not going to be at a very good viewing angle when you actually watch it. And if you happened to have a fire going and wanted to watch TV, the fire would be very distracting. I'd suggest going against the grain and locating the TV elsewhere.


Sheri and Marlan said...

Thanks Robert thats great advice. We had thought about a mount that held the TV up in the rafters that could bring it down when we wanted.