Friday, January 22, 2010

Outdoor House : Childrens Rooms

When Sheri and I think of our RV ( recreational vehicle ) based outdoor house, we have to consider where our two children might sleep or have their own space.

One idea we had is that we could little teardrop campers and the kids could simply have their own space. They could decorate it anyway they want. How cool and how fun would that be!? I mean really, if I was a kid and I had my own little camper to sleep in that would be so super cool.

Here is a link to a typical little ultra light trailer. To save you from having to click on the link to see what we're talking about, I've added a picture.

We wouldn't need one with anything but a little clothes, sleeping, and studying space. They could use the bathroom in the house for bathing and other necessities.

And then when they grow up, they can either have the ultra lite or we could sell it.

rv spare room idea for outdoor house

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