Saturday, January 23, 2010

RV Lemon Laws : Texas

If your RV ( recreational vehicle ) has questionable quality issues and you bought it in Texas from a Texas dealer you may be able to get some help from the Texas Lemon Laws. I believe the most applicable part of the Texas code is THIS LINK. There is a site that is an umbrella site to that link and you can reach it here.

I took a quick look and if you buy an RV for a market price from a dealer, but it has so many things wrong with it AND you made attempts to get it repaired but were able to get no satisfaction then you may be able to get relief from these statutes. When reading it, the test is that the value is seriously impaired. So if you got a REALLY good deal, then maybe not, but if you paid fair market value, then you have a good chance.

I'll work on a list of lemon laws for different states and I can post them in Lemon Law list which gives pointers to the applicable states statutes. Would you like that?

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