Monday, January 18, 2010

Outdoor House : The Kitchen

When you think of an RV ( recreational vehicle ) and an outdoor house, realistically, it would be hard to cook inside if you have a great deal of people visiting - even more than for about 5 or 6 would be tough with three burners and a small oven.

So an integral part of our RV outdoor house would be to have a kitchen outside that serves for when we are entertaining, grilling, or just want to make sure that the smells, smokes, and bustle of cooking is not in the smaller RV but outside. That has other benefits like not raising the indoor temperature of the RV. Also, who wants to be inside cooking and be separated from the fun and conversation.

The RV manufacturers understand this. While they might be targeting tailgating, they are certainly designing RV's with outdoor kitchens. This fits so well with what Sheri and I think about outdoor house and the RV! Here is a link to just one RV design with the outdoor kitchen. (We are secretly partial to the big daddy toy haulers so we hope this trend takes off.). I'll put in a picture so you can see the kitchen without clicking.

There are many, many, many ideas we have (we cut out pictures from magazines and off the web) for living outdoors (under a roof of course) and having an outdoor house with an outdoor kitchen.

At the bottom of this short writeup, I'll attach a picture where the kitchen blends in so nicely, that you really have to look to find it. That's how we want to do it. Of course, we'll need some dry goods storage, but we'll touch on that later.

We want to here about YOUR outdoor house and outdoor kitchen ideas! So don't be shy about posting. Links are OK too!
rv kitchen room idea for outdoor house

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