Friday, January 15, 2010

The Outdoor House

When Sheri and I discussed our future plans with the RV, we always have as part of our future the concept that we call an outdoor house.

Our idea is that we would live in the RV fulltime, but not even necessarily travel around that much. We assumed that our RV would form an environmentally protected shell for in-climate weather but that MOST of the time we would be living outside. We can accomplish this because while Texas is hot the heat is manageable by many many different methods. For cold weather, generally, most cold days are not too bad and we could use outdoor space heaters to utilize our outdoor area. But our thoughts were that for 7 out of 10 days, we could live outdoors. We would sleep in the RV. We would have a special room for washer and dryer and storage, but that would be the only 'sealed' area in the outdoor house other than the RV.

The picture I'm attaching shows the simplest form of an outdoor house. Notice that this RV is actually being used and lived in. Also, we would extend the roof at least 30-40 feet in one direction to create our living areas.

Post your comments on the outdoor house concept!

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