Saturday, February 20, 2010

Outdoor House for the RV : Tying it all Together

Earlier, Sheri and I wrote about our outdoor house idea where the RV is a central part of a much greener and much more integrated with the outdoors house.

In the next picture, we envision the house on a property with a loop shaped drive so we could carefully pull the RV into one end of the outdoor house. Probably the HARDEST thing about the outdoor house is orienting it thoughtfully so that the entertainment corner is located smartly to account for morning and evening sun.

In our prior posts, we've shown concepts for the kitchen, living room, bathroom, the kids area, the storage room, and our original post on the idea. You can click on those links to learn more.
outdoor house rv position on lot

When Sheri and I try to explain our RV Outdoor house, many people really have trouble imagining what we are talking about. In the picture below, we try to show, in a simple way, just using power point the idea. We want it to be fancier than what is shown, for example, we'd like to have roll-down doors and many half or 2/3 or 3/4 walls around the outdoor house. We'd also like evaporative coolers in the rafters, ceiling fans and many pleasantries like that.

outdoor house rv rough draft concept

Finally, to get a sense of what we're thinking for our RV outdoor house you have to think about what it might look like from a layout point of view. We were able to use power point again to help with the general idea and put in little pictures of couches and such found on the internet. We've found the 3D programs very, very hard AND time consuming to use so we will probably find an architect and give them our rough concepts and see if they can fix them up.

outdoor house rv rough layout

Please feel free to comment and critique, discuss, and help us make this even better.

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