Monday, February 22, 2010

Video Drive By Review : Blanco Settlement Cabins and RV Park Blanco Texas

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RV Park in Blanco Texas, or very, very near Blanco Texas called the Blanco Settlement. Its right next to the highway. Its really nice curb appeal is striking. There only seem to be a few RV sites, but that, in my opinion, makes it even better.

In case Blanco is not well known to you, I'll mention nearby towns : Austin, San Antonio, Kerrville, Wimberley, Fredericksburg and the basic region is called the Texas Hill Country.

Sheri and I definitely have this on our list as a place to come and spend a weekend. Watch the video (unfortunately one of my first with the new camera - sorry) and see what you think.

We DO have to mention this little bakery in Blanco. It doesn't look like much, its very tiny, but they have outstanding desserts. We had a little chocolate cake thing that had a marshmallow topping and was drizzled with chocolate. Not only was it simple, it was very, very good and tasted great. You can even order pies from them. Its called the Deutsch Apple. Sheri and I recommend it.

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