Wednesday, April 28, 2010

RV Basics : Secure the Awning

It was a perfectly beautiful day in Austin Texas. Sheri and I decided to go to Carlos and Charlies and get a beer and enjoy the sunset. Calm. No wind.

As we are drinking our beer, the temperature drops 10-15 degrees and the winds get gusty.

Meanwhile back at Puma, the same gusts of wind were occurring. Puma has a 16 foot manual awning and we had it crank out. Puma caught a gust and one of the supports came loose. Broken or not, we've learned our lessons.

List of RV Awning Lessons :

  • Put the awning in if you are leaving and will be gone more than 60 minutes. Ok - we'll probably never do this perfectly, but it is still probably really good advice.
  • If you are not going to put the awning in, then a really good support kit is a worthwhile investment.
    • You can get a support leg for each corner.
    • Then you get a tie-down to pull it down tight onto the leg.
  • There are also anti-flap kits which allow you to tie the awning edge to the support struts.
  • The most critical lesson : get an electric and just crank it in when you are gone.

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