Wednesday, May 5, 2010

RV Basics : Secure the Awnings updated

RV Puma doesn't have an automatic awning. So we have to go through a very sequential (don't violate the sequence) for the awning retraction and extension.

One of our neighbors has his awning out all the time with no problems.

Here is how he does it...

  • You can remove the lower leg/support of your awning from the side of the RV. Our Dometic awning has a button or latch that is very easy to press.
  • You pull the awning out all the way and then tighten the aluminum supports that run parallel with the width of the awning (perpendicular to the RV).
  • Use something long and spikey - we used tent stakes from Walmart (cost $3) and drove them through the holes in the lower leg/support of the awning that was de-latched from the RV. These supports make 2 of the corners that support the awning - the other two are attached to the RV. It is important to note that the stakes don't have to hold the awning down, but the main purpose is to keep the leg from sliding.
  • Use an awning kit to secure the awning down to firmly. This is comprised of a tensioning bar to allow you to tighten and loosen the support, a dog leash screw-in anchor that screws into the ground, and some rope. That holds the two supports (that were attached to the RV and are now attached to the ground) firmly to the ground.
  • Just for info : Our awning is manufactured by Dometic.

I'm a little leery of IF this will hold the awning in place or not to the ground. I'm trying not to be a worrier, but I fear it won't hold and that the awing will rip up and we'll have to buy a new awning. I guess that will be a great opportunity to get an electric retractable.

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