Monday, May 3, 2010

RV Lifestyle : Full Timing it in La Hacienda Austin Texas

I've been full timing with Sheri for over a week now at the La Hacienda RV Park. I've noticed a few things about full timing and living in an RV park that  I believe need mention or are just interesting to note.

  • I'm a midwestern boy. I have the midwestern work ethic, although I would say that I'm not a workaholic. Why is this interesting? It ISN'T. What IS though, is that every day in the RV at the RV park feels like I'm on vacation. Yes, even after working a whole day, coming home to the RV feels like I'm on vacation. Combine that with the midwestern part and you get : GUILT. I can't explain why, but guilt is this odd sensation I'm getting lately. Oh, it will pass, but isn't that odd?
  • RV TIP : Park the RV in the shade. It makes a huge difference. I was monitoring the temperature between outside and inside the RV, and when it is in the shade, the RV (so far @ 85 degrees F) will only be about 2-3 degrees warmer than outside. The RV is always warmer inside regardless of the outside which is another temperature observation I have made. 
  • People like to say, "Oh we're full timers." It is almost like a badge of honor.
  • No matter what, when they say they are full-timers, they almost always have a place to return to, like a house. A handful don't, but a fixed, on the ground structure, (no cemetery joke intended) seems to be the terminal destination of most humans.
  • Last week of April 2010 in La Hacienda - a club of 55 (fifty five) Prevost RV's called diamonds arrived at La Hacienda. I had never heard of a Prevost and even after the discussion I'm not 100% clear. They are the makers of busses and then someone buys them and refinishes them as near as I can tell. The starting price for a Prevost is $1,000,000. It is up from there. I never really spoke with anyone from the club though. 
  • We did meet two Prevost owners who are from Austin Texas. They were really nice folks. I never got one person's story, but he parks his Prevost at the La Hacienda. I think it might be his 'Man Zone'. The other fellow had some stock in the go-go days of high tech in and around the year 2000 and made his money. I really liked him and he seemed really honest, real, and self-effacing. I have many more stories about the people we've met. We're finding that the RV community is a very people-oriented bunch.

All for now. M

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