Saturday, May 29, 2010

RV Lifestyle : La Hacienda RV Resort Memorial Day and the Harbor Pilot

Its Memorial Day weekend in Austin TX for 2010. La Hacienda RV Park is really filling up. If you want to come to Lake Travis and party this is a great park for doing just that. The atmosphere is a real celebration,  fun atmosphere.

Ken the owner of the park, I think really likes to have a good time and seems to really enjoy his park. He's having a Memorial Day party Sunday @ 3pm with several WELL KNOWN Austin musicians coming and they are planning on just jamming. That sounds really cool.

But what tickles me to no end, is that when a new RV comes in, they figure out where they are going to park and someone from the park (Ken, employee, or park host-like person) will guide the new person in to the slot. I couldn't help thinking of the harbor pilots that bring in the big boats down in Houston or other harbors.

What really is even more amusing was to see a bunch of type A women be the harbor pilots. The poor guy had to park his RV where they told him and really, it wasn't the best position. He can move it later, but I thought it was very, very funny. I don't want to discourage the harbor pilot thing because I think it is great service, it is just very funny all the different personalities that do it. Now you remember that I mentioned that the park has a real festive and fun atmosphere. Now just imagine if the harbor pilot was a little tipsy, which one was the other night bringing in an RV with some ladies from Houston. They got parked ok, but it was so funny seeing the 'buzzed guy' trying to direct the rig. It made my whole weekend.

Again, I love it, I love the harbor pilots, it's a great park and atmosphere, I just hope folks can see some of the little things that give it even more charm by being a little relaxed.

Since the harbor pilots drive golf carts, everyone is pretty safe. Happy Memorial Day!

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