Sunday, May 30, 2010

RV Lifestyle : La Hacienda RV Resort Memorial Day 2010

If you have an RV and you live in central Texas and you are reading this then you have MISSED La Hacienda's 2010 Memorial Day Party.

The idea of a Memorial Day party celebrated at an RV park could sound very lame, but here is the honest truth. This RV Park is located on Lake Travis which is a famous central Texas party lake. La Hacienda is located 5 minutes from about 20 boat ramps on a peninsula on the lake. It is in the heart of the party scene. But this is a first class park, not a scary red neck park.

Ken (the owner and his employees) cooked up burgers that were WRAPPED in bacon. People from all over Texas of all ages sizes and races brought pot luck. People played in the parks pools. There was great food, great conversation, and I met new friends which is always cool.

All this occurred in a big courtyard and the park has a HUGE pavilion. After everyone thought the day was starting to wind down, the musicians started. These were not your normal open mike (buy my CD) musicians, these were pro's. No I don't know their names, but their songs were original and they played the music so easy - they stopped during the songs and interacted with the people and then went right back to playing without missing a note or it seeming difficult. Honestly, it was amazing.

To a degree, this is only possible in a few places : Austin, Nashville, maybe San Fran/LA (not so sure).

Honestly, I'd recommend this for memorial day in 2011. It was truly fun and cool.

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