Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mr Big Moves On

Well, Mr Big, the big Chevy we were using as the RV pull vehicle was sold.

We'll remember him fondly. Part of this article is to simply pay homage to Mr. Big, but the other part is to say that there is probably money in old trucks. Let me recount.

We paid $1,200 for Mr. Big.
We put in $800 of 'fixes'.

We used Mr. Big to tow Puma around to central Texas campsites. Note : a 7.4 liter gas engine power truck gets TERRIBLE gas mileage - something like 5-7 miles/gallon. If that isn't enough, Mr. Big still wasn't heavy enough - he got pushed around by Puma AND he still had to work hard pulling Puma. Our plans are to get a diesel soon.

We parked Mr. Big in a quiet place. He was promptly smashed in the side by the lawn mowing crew (they do this even in the winter in Texas).

Lawn Mower Insurance pays us $2000.
We keep Mr. Big. At this point we have Mr. Big for free and enjoyed his service.

We GIVE Mr. Big to Sheri's son. He sells it for $3000.  Because he was a big help to us we let him keep $1500.

Net net, we MADE $1500 on Mr. Big.

Mr. Big... you were a good truck. You will be missed. Nah maybe not. But you were a good truck and you did your job!

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