Monday, June 21, 2010

RV Basics : Leveling and Positioning the RV

I wrote earlier about leveling the RV, but there are always more things you can learn.

Generally, an RV site is comprised of a "pad". You might think of it as the recommended area for the placement of the RV. At our most recent RV Park, where Sheri and I are full-timers we noticed that if we located the RV very deep into its back-in space that we would have shade most of the day, which is really important in Texas.

To do this, we had to actually put the wheels, or at least one side of them off of the "pad". But going for the shade, we did it anyway.

Let me explain the consequences of doing this :

  • Pad and not-pad have different characteristics 
    • softer ground actually allows noticeable bounce when inside RV.
    • RV will 'press' into both at different rates making RV unlevel.
  • Not-pad actually was dirt/grass.
  • Our wood planks we parked on warped badly and allowed sinking.
My recommendations based on this :
  • Wood planks used for leveling must be 2 inches thick or more especially if on soft ground.
  • Get all the wheels on the same type of ground. The BEST recommendation is to get the HARDEST most stable ground.
  • Hard stable ground is critical if you are staying more than a week or two in one spot.
  • Honestly though, stay on the pad if one exists.

Our consequence was that we had one side of the RV sink a little bit - probably about 2 inches but it is amazing how you can detect that inside the RV. 

We ended up moving the RV. Not a bit deal, they are designed to move, but I just wanted a lazy afternoon and didn't want to deal with house moving. 

Now that the RV is squarely on the pad it feels solid - no bounce - and we got it very level. Very satisfying.

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