Wednesday, June 16, 2010

RV Accessory : Camco Deflapper Has a Weak Link

When trying to secure our RV awning, one thing you do is to secure the awning edges from flapping in the wind. If you allow it flap enough, it will mechanically loosen screws and other items and eventually the looseness will really allow the wind to catch the awning and potentially break your awning.

We had purchased several flappers made my Camco and on my first try at tightening the flapper I broke the unit. You can see where I broke it. The link that fastens the de-flapper mechanically from the awning to the aluminum awning support strut was made of PLASTIC.

I do not think this is a good design. Apparently the people from Camco are using cheaply made Chinese materials and probably did not even try them out. 

I would not recommend these de-flappers and if you do have them you have been warned. The plastic link is not mechanically sound and won't save your awning at all.

Note : Some of the same Camco's do have metal links, but you just cannot be sure so you should pick up a different de-flapper and look for strong mechanical connections. I cannot stress how much power the wind actually has when it hits  your awning.

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