Tuesday, June 15, 2010

RV News : Texas ROT Rally

The Texas ROT Rally was last weekend (June 12).

The ROT Rally is held mainly on the VERY east side of Austin at the Austin Expo Center. Our RV Park is on the VERY west side of Austin. They couldn't be further apart. But the really good motorcycle riding is in the Texas Hill Country west of Austin.

Our RV park filled up to probably at least half capacity for the ROT Rally with some really interesting people. This is important for a couple of reasons 1) If you need a place to bring your RV next year (2011+ ROT Rally) then you could book La Hacienda RV Park and Resort. Just know it is on the opposite side of town. The second thing to know is that in some ways ROT Rally occurs everywhere in Austin - not just at the Expo center.

Here are some notes :

  • Our RV motorcycle temporary neighbors had a travel trailer like ours but we estimated about 8 people were living in it. We think they travel around to rallys.
  • Tattoos are really popular. One guy had so many you could not see his skin anymore.
  • I've learned about a new kind of bike called a Cafe Cruiser.
  • I don't see that those handlebars that are WAY in the AIR could be very comfortable and could be really bad for a long trip.
  • One guy designed a motorcycle and you had to WEAR the gas tank because he thought the tank detracted from the bike. That is a bad idea on so many levels I could not begin to start.
  • The biker crowd did not cause any trouble at the park at all. Nothing to report - which is great.
  • I saw a toy hauler RV that had the best name : War Wagon
  • Lots and lots of bikers all had a woman on their bike with them. Definitely a couples thing. Some guys look like they might have lots of trouble acquiring that.
Anyway, that is my little notes about the effect of ROT Rally on my little limited world. I think you can search the web for the real scoop from real attendees.

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