Monday, June 28, 2010

RV Basics : Clean Pure Filtered Water and a review of a Walmart Filter

In an earlier post about an RV Water Filter we mentioned that we purchased it because the water at many parks tastes funny. Honestly, it is probably that it just tastes different, but we did purchase a filter for Puma because of the taste of the water.

You can see the filter in the link above. I'll describe it here though. It is a blue filter about 3-4 inches in diameter and maybe 12-14 inches long. It screws into the RV park or campground water supply and then you screw your water hose onto it and you have filtered water for your RV.

So we've been using it for awhile (and haven't gotten a new one) which is about 4 months. Here is what I've learned and would like to pass on to YOU!

First, we do not recommend an RV-wide water filter like we have shown in the link. Here is why (see cons) worded as pros and cons to the incoming line water filter :

Pros :

  • Filtered water is EASY. You just hook it into your incoming supply and you are done.
Cons :
  • I don't see a way to tell when the filter is 'used up'. So you just have to guess. Since it is outside and you never think about it until that last drink of water before going to bed, then you never do anything about it.
  • A filter on the incoming line cuts down the available water pressure in my opinion and limits the flow noticably.
  • It is incredibly wasteful of resources (in a small way) to filter the water for the toilet, handwashing, and your shower. So you really don't want/need to do the whole RV.
  • Your filtered water isn't chilled so you still have to put your water in the fridge to get chilled filtered drinking water.
Sheri and I have ended up purchasing and so far, very much enjoying, a Pur pitcher that filters the water. The water tastes great and its chilled. And our water pressure is much better now.

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rvnavigator said...

This article leaves alot to be desired and is not based on much fact. What is your inline filter designed to filter out? Most of the Walmart filters really minimal filter offering a sediment filter but not much else. For our RV we use double filtration plus a ion replacement (soft water) filter. We also have a portable reverse osmosis system for when the water is suspect. Our water pressure is fine so I am not sure why your pressure is down after filtering. I want all of the water filtered and softened, it keeps the plumbing from getting clogged with crud.
Take a look at what that Pur pitcher costs per gallon and you'll find that the reverse osmosis will be cheaper and guaranteed good water.