Tuesday, June 29, 2010

RV Communications : What happens if you exceed 5GB on T-mobile

Earlier we wrote that we decided to use T-mobile for internet for the RV. We've been pretty happy with it overall. I would make a note that T-mobile is slower than Verizon or Sprint for mobile internet. But we have the feature that we do not pay any overage charges.

But the question of what happens when you go over the 5GB limit did linger. The T-mobile store in Austin said they don't do anything. The paperwork says they MIGHT slow you down.

So Sheri and I rented a movie off of iTunes and that put us solidly over 5GB.

The next day, internet was so slow as to be unusable. When I logged into the account I had lots of flashing messages saying I was over and that speed would not be restored until the next billing cycle.

So the verdict is in : You cannot watch movies streamed over T-mobile wireless internet unless you are willing to accept slow speeds for several days.

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