Wednesday, June 30, 2010

RV Lifestyle : A Vacation from our Vacation

We're leaving today to visit Nebraska (family lives there). As we do this, I'm left with a few thoughts relative to the RV that I suppose many of you have as well. Some are questions. Maybe if I write them down it will help some readers, or perhaps help us on our search for solutions and answers to life questions, big and small.

  • We decided NOT to take the RV on our 3 week trip and instead went in a car. Probably because we live in the RV full time, but at least 1/2 of our trip we'll be staying with family so when we calculated the costs, it was more expensive and troublesome to use the RV.
  • We've been living in the RV for some time now... With the slide out. Just because we WON'T be there for 3 weeks, should we pull the slide in? Or leave it out? Should we look like we are still there? Or look like it is uninhabited? I don't expect there is a right answer - just opinions - which is all most people have to offer. Never crisp data. Usually it goes like this : "I do it this way and that is the right way. I have no empirical evidence other than I'm personally happy with my technique so YOU should accept it on gospel that my way is the best way." Welcome to the internet. One guy actually had a story of the cost and difficulty of replacing an axle which was thrown by not greasing the wheels. That was pretty convincing and I would say that counts as empirical enough for me. One guy actually put a small camera on a stick and put it in his black tack. That is pretty convincing as he looked and provided evidence. 
  • Now that we live with less, other than the value of the RV itself, we have NO contents of any real value. Some clothes and pots and pans. Computers are now portable so we take them with us. So what we leave behind in the RV doesn't really require anyone checking. We just don't have much. That is really comforting.
  • Everywhere we stay, we'll have more square footage than the RV. Usually when you vacation it is the other way around.
  • How low/hot should you leave the thermostat? That is related to the fridge. We probably have about $30 worth of food in it. Should we just throw it out and turn all electric off and save another $50 (net $20)? We probably won't. We'll keep power on, keep the fridge cold, and set the thermostat to 90 F. That is probably illogical, but that is what we'll do.
  • We'll turn off the water and the propane.
  • We've been on one 20 gallon tank for propane for over TWO MONTHS. That is really cool. 

All for now.

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