Wednesday, July 28, 2010

RV Lifestyle : Frontier Harley Davidson Lincoln Nebraska

One neat thing about vacation (a common theme with RV) is that you get a chance to step back from the ordinary, the day-to-day, and take a look around at things that you might not ordinarily have time to explore.

During our 2010 summer vacation to Nebraska I had the chance to visit the Lincoln Nebraska Harley Davidson and look around. I'm not a motorcycle person, so if you are like me you'll be amazed at these big dealers.

Here are my notes, then I'll post a little video so you get get an idea of what the place is like...

* A new Harley can be had for less than $7K!!!! Isn't that amazing?
* This dealer had a small 'Harley museum'. I saw Harley's from the 30's!
* I don't understand all of the different models of Harley's and I doubt I ever will. They are very subtle to a non-motorcyle person.

Why is this in an RV blog? Well, I think RV'ers are always looking for interesting things to go do and see. Sometimes it can be natural wonders. Sometimes it can be in fancy cities. But sometimes, maybe you are passing through an area and you wonder if there is anything you could swing by and just see. I think the Harley dealer in Lincoln is worth a couple of hours if you are close by.

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