Tuesday, January 18, 2011

rv52 : a year of blogging about RV's and RV park's

Sheri and I have been blogging for a whole year on the subject of recreational vehicle's and the RV lifestyle. We don't profess to know everything - you can't - ever - let alone in a short amount of time. But we've learned a great deal, made some mistakes, and tried to pass on our experiences to you. We try to write LESS about us, and more ABOUT RV's, RV parks and things that you can use. I just don't think our personal lives are that interesting, but what we learn might be, especially if you are new to owning an RV.

We have almost 300 articles on the web site (297 to be exact). I can only summarize a tiny, tiny handful here. We try to write them so that they are not too dated, so I'm thinking that there is something here you can use if you just browse around a little bit. Don't be shy about leaving a comment or sending me an email.

So as we look back on 2010, these are some of the things we wrote about that you might find interesting...

* One of my more creative moments spoofing closed minded people who just think they need to consume lots of space and money.
* My BEST video on an RV Park (better editing -was not a drive through)
* My WORST video on an RV Park

Here, I'm trying to pretend I'm Rick Steve's, but we stayed at a really neat B&B south of Austin and I think this video gives you a good idea of the neat New Tracks Cabin.

We did buy a new Open Range 399BHS fifth wheel and provided video of the unit, told you what we learned about buying an RV, and also provided a long list of online documentation for the Open Range 399BHS.

* We shot 100's of RV Parks. You can find them by clicking on my "drive through review" tabs. I put some of the more Austin-centric RV park videos on a DVD.

We gave some little hints and articles about the things we find out along the way regarding the RV lifestyle:
* Shower organizers, among other things.
* What happens when you leave your grey water tank open too much... gnats, flies, and more.
* What happens when you don't tie down your awning - you have to get a new awning...

We even found some really neat lawn art in a small Nebraska town - Mason City.

We tailgated for the first time using our older RV. That was fun.

Well, this is a tiny, tiny, tiny smattering of 2010. I hope 2011 shapes up to be just as interesting!

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