Friday, January 14, 2011

Why would you consider a toy hauler instead of a more standard fifth wheel?

When Sheri and I were considering getting a new RV - we needed space for two children who live with us part time, we thought a great deal about bunk house fifth wheels AND toy haulers.

At first glance, the toy hauler might not seem to make sense to some folks, but here was our thinking. If I share my thinking it might help you make a better purchase for yourself if you are in the market for an RV anytime soon.

First, the idea of a triple axle attracted us quite a bit. Many fifth wheels have so little EXTRA carrying capacity that an extra axle would make a big deal. Instead of a measly 1500 pound capacity, you might find yourself with the ability to carry 4000 pounds or more. In other words, if you DON'T have a heavy 'toy', you'll for sure never be over weight.

The next things we liked was the multi-use garages. In particular we liked the Heartland 3950. Why? Because you had an extra refrigerator, extra 1/2 bath, and a washer dryer hookup. If the kids come over, we could simply press the magic button and two queen beds would appear for our guests. When everyone leaves, you're left with a fantastic porch.

Finally, we were impressed with the toy haulers visual appeal in the interiors. Bold and fun. With lots of extras - they just look like a fun way to live.

What did we do? We ultimately bought a more standard Open Range 399BHS with a bunk house since we think that will serve us better just in case the kids want to stay with us for extended periods of time. With this unit, each kid can have their own room and we made modifications so they have their own spaces.

As a side note, we think the Smart Car will fit in the back of the Heartland 3950 (or other toy hauler). Anyone know this for sure?

But we keep eye-balling the toy haulers. Maybe someday. 

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