Sunday, February 6, 2011

Open Range 399BHS black and gray tank information

You can't find this information from Open Range so I'll put it here. I wrote Open Range AND I also have tested enough so that I know.

There are TWO black tanks and two gray tanks.

The FRONT gray tank connects to the shower and the bathroom sink.

The REAR gray tank connects to the rear sink and the kitchen sink.

The FRONT black tank connects to the front toilet. It also has a black tank rinse.

The REAR black tank connects to the rear toilet. It does NOT have a black tank rinse.

Hope this little tidbit answers your questions!


imac said...

Do you know if this is the case for the 2011 399 BHS also? I just picked mine up and the during the walk through the dealer pointed out the rear black tank rinse. I will have to give it a try. There is a place to connect the hose. Wonder where it goes?

RV Marlan said...

I get the impression the rinse is not too costly other than the routing of the water connection to a place you can get to.

Everyone has a lot of rules on the black tank rinse, but I know that the rinse on the OR has a big loop that goes all the way up into the shower.

We use a short hose that connects from the outdoor shower to the rinse. It is very convenient. Many would say we need a separate hose that connects from the shore water to the rinse and that you keep that hose segregated. But I've noted no back flow and there is an odd pressure concept as well. I'm thinking about putting a valve in the middle of my short hose, then I could feel confident and have something that I think most people would believe would be adequate.