Monday, February 7, 2011

52 things I would like to get for my RV, big or small

I thought it would be fun to think about all the things I would like to get for my RV, or have with my RV that I don't currently have. These are NOT rank ordered. But maybe they are in the order I think of them so they ARE rank ordered! Some of these may not even be invented yet...

  1. LED light replacement for the wedge style lights over the beds.
  2. Convert my 42 inch LCD TV to a touchscreen that works with my Macmini.
  3. Make the RV control panel an iPad/iPod app OR even have it have alerts that would pop up on the TV (that I have my MacMini connected)
  4. Some really cool outdoor rope lights.
  5. Some really cool outdoor decorator lights that go on the awning.
  6. Some really cool outdoor statue light (like the palm trees people have).
  7. A REALLY REALLY good grass turf mat that lasts a long time (we have found these)
  8. A roll down screen in front of the entry door so the entry door could be left open (we have the glass in door style that Open Range uses copiously).
  9. Over/Under washer dryer.
  10. An LP gas status that has an indoor reader so we don't have to go outside to read the lp tanks.
  11. An energy meter that tells us how much electric we're using so we can monitor.
  12. A solar panel to charge the battery - and something so that we would keep the electric AC from having to be used as long as the batteries were charged.
  13. An extra battery (or two or three).
  14. A generator. Maybe Santa would bring a Honda 6500. I could live with a 3000 though.
  15.  A bigger refrigerator.
  16. Good Clear reception so I can stop using cable modems.
  17. A good set of tools. I don't have many tools. You often need to fix things.
  18. Ceiling fans (i need to write an article on radiant heating). Our Open Range does not have ceiling fans.
  19. Outdoor security cameras so I can see the RV on our computer. Just little ones.
  20. A weather station.
  21. A remote temperature gauge for the underbelly.
  22. A tire air pump that can handle the pressures needed for RV tires.
  23. An ice maker
  24. LED replacement lights for our little halogen accent lights.
  25. A better thermostat than we have currently for the Air V Carrier system we have.
  26. Convert ALL of our books to ebooks and get an ereader (not an RV thing, but space matters).
  27. An Apple TV so we can watch TV in our bedroom.
  28. An outdoor AC plug (we don't have that right now) - Puma has one, but Open Range doesn't.
  29. An over-the-toilet organizer for the bathroom.
  30. An outdoor grill. We want the little one that is really portable. A weber camping grill.
  31. Wheel chocks. We still use 2x4's and bricks. It is embarrassing. Actually, we have some, we just need more.
  32. A better surround sound AV system. In particular, one that has direct optical feed from the Mac and has a small footprint. Our Open Range has a cheap Chinese made audio system that leaves a great deal to be desired. It has a DVD player too and we use the MacMini for that too.
  33. The long accordion style window shades that are on the windows, except for the front door. For some reason Open Range used standard levelor style blinds but those are not a good choice for a door.
  34. Better sealing from the weather. The Open Range is a little drafty. I think with some foam and an afternoon I could seal it up. I don't expect OR to be perfect so I would say this is something most RV's probably need to have after-purchase love added.
  35. More plug-ins. Ok. Probably will never happen. But we are a 3 computer and much much more family.
  36. A black tank sensor that really works. It appears that no RV has a good 'stock' black tank sensor.
  37. A light dimmer for mood lighting.
  38. A temperature based - wall mounted thermostat for our electric fireplace. We absolutely love the electric fireplace. They sound corny, but once you have one, you will love it. They have a dial that is a thermostat, but setting it makes no sense. It sort of kind of somewhat works but that is about it.
  39. A doorbell
  40. A Ford F350 Dually - Like a King Ranch version. I know I said you don't need a truck, but once you drive a dually turbo diesel - I promise you - you will be hooked. It is truly a man's machine.
  41. Small paired storage ottomans. Really handy, but they don't waste space.
  42. A small cheap pantry - you can get these from Target and they give just enough extra space for storage of canned goods.
  43. Indoor gray tank valve controls. A really nice convenience. I get tired of going out to open the darned thing.
  44. A LCD TV mounting bracket for the RV basement.
  45. Hot water heater that automatically switched between gas and electric and picked the best method to save energy based on what type of energy was available. We keep on electric to have water hot all the time, but put on gas when we know we want it extra hot, or we'll be taking several showers in a row.
  46. An extra built-in vacuum cleaner duct in the back. The hose just has to reach too far. I met a guy at a home and garden expo that said doing that is very easy. Our current one is a dirt devil central vacuum. I will tell you they are amazing.
  47. Little LED puck lights for several nooks and crannies (under bed storage, in several cabinets).
  48. Water purifier on the kitchen drinking faucet. We currently use a Pur pitcher, but if we had it on our incoming water it would save space. There is space underneath the sink for it - I just have to install it. I think purifying the whole RV sounds very wasteful - like a complete reverse osmosis system, but maybe it wouldn't be a bad deal. By the way, you can get Pur pitcher refills here.
  49. Power strips. These are super handy. We need a couple more.
  50. Plastic bag organizer. We have one, but we need another one for the bathroom. You put the plastic shopping bags in from the top, then you pull them out the side. You can mount them on a wall or place where they do not take up space. Very handy.
  51. Better mattresses for the kids rooms. We'll get this sooner rather than later. We'll probably get some really good memory foam. RV mattresses just aren't that good.
  52. 5 acres so we can build our outdoor house!

Hope this gives you some ideas. It sure has me. Time to go out buying.

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