Monday, February 28, 2011

RV Video Walkthru : 2011 Silverback 31B2 Fifth Wheel

A no-talk walk thru of a very, very service-able fifth wheel called the Silverback 31B2. I get amused at Forest River (Mr. Buffets company) as they have a little bit of what I'd call "brand abuse". Forest River is the owner and manufacturer. Cedar Creek is the brand - as near as I can tell. Then Silverback seems like  sub brand within Cedar Creek. No way you can write it succinctly on a single line.

This RV looks very usable and I'll note here a few of the noteworthy features. My list is nowhere near complete, I'm just trying to get the things that are interesting...

  • outside refrigerator
  • bunk house - almost like a separate little apartment. 
  • black tank rinse - I think will be standard soon and not so noteworthy, but for now I'm including it.
  • really good ventilation fan - doesn't sound like much, but we LOVE our super fan.

If you prefer just a link - no talk walkthru of the 2011 Silverback 31B2 fifth wheel RV

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