Thursday, February 10, 2011

WE love our fireplace and we NEVER buy wood or carry ashes!


Because it is an electric fireplace. In fact, we own an RV and we have a fireplace. An electric RV fireplace - who'd'thunk? I think that is the funniest, coolest, and oddest thing - all at the same time.

When we were shopping for a new RV, Sheri wanted a fireplace and I thought it was very silly. But now that we have it I think I like it better than her. It puts out GREAT heat, isn't too expensive to operate ( see our article on the cost of heating our RV in the Texas winter using the rv fireplace ), and it looks really great.

Look, we know the fire isn't real. It looks FAIRLY real, and it creates a fantastic ambiance in the RV even if it isn't a real fireplace. Before you knock it, I really recommend you give it a try.

I went ahead and took some video of the rv fireplace, which by the way is made by Dimplex, so that you can see the rv fireplace in action. The Amazon links I've provided are not the exact unit, but they are fairly representative and can give you a great start to avoiding wood and ashes. The actual unit we have is called the Dimplex BF8000. Here is the Dimplex BF8000 Manual, which I've put online on Google Docs for all of you.

Disclosure : I added the crackling fire and crickets to the video. I'm so sorry. I just could not help myself.

Enjoy the video...


imac said...

I agree 100%. NEVER thought I would consider a fireplace. The more owners I talked with about features they would not live without, Class A pusher owners mentioned two things (I know the OB 399 is not a class a pusher but that was our plan B) the fireplace and the washer/dryer. I really love the fact that we can have a little heat, without the noise of the furnace. Camping in the Northeast, most of the season, the nights are damp.

RV Marlan said...

There are even NEWER fireplaces than ours that have an amazing flicker added in that is so incredibly realistic. I'd love to take one apart and see how it works.