Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Lady, her shoes, an RV : what to do?

It only takes about 10-15 pairs of shoes to create a space problem in an RV.

I probably just talked about 47,000 women out of living in an RV didn't I?

Sheri has quite a few pairs of shoes. Storing them in the RV basement isn't an option. But storing them in the closet uses up too much space and there isn't enough space for more than about 5 pairs of shoes.

We have found that you really need to think outside the box for space savings. Sometimes thinking inside the box isn't too bad. We have had great success with a spring loaded shower caddy for the rv shower. It has really helped a great deal in the bathroom.

We did find a 'back of the door' shoe rack. When we tried the shoe rack, we found there was not a place in the bedroom where the rack would go. We found that when the bedroom door opened, it would not open all the way.

So we put the shoe rack on the back of the bathroom door. We have the picture attached here. It does narrow the hallway, but it isn't a very big inconvenience. I sometimes secretly pretend I'm in an old WWII submarine. Too geeky?

Anyway, here is the rack being used. Send me some of your space saving pictures! Or, put your space saving ideas in the comments and feel free to link back to your site.

rv space saving over the door shoe rack
Shoe rack used to save space in an RV

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