Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trailer Insurance - Get the Quotes from the Correct Source

When we called Geico (our insurance company) for rv insurance rates on recreational vehicle travel trailers, we called into the main Geico line - gave them our insurance identifying information and proceeded to get a quote - definitely not a 5 minute call.

When the quotation was finished, the rate was about 3x higher than what we were currently paying.

So after a great deal of explaining to a person who was clearly 'cognitively in a box', exasperated, I asked to speak to a manager. The manager was much better on the feet and realized that the rv insurance quotation they were providing was clearly NOT for an RV, but for a trailer of some other sort.

It turns out that there is an entirely different division of Geico, and I assume most other insurance companies, that underwrites the risk differently and understands RV's much better.

When we were transferred we got a much better quotation.

But we're still not insured with Geico. Sheri and I have some complexity around the note in that it isn't in our name, therefore not registered in our name, and no matter how you want to tell the insurance company you want the financial liability around insuring the RV, they simply cannot handle it.

[ UPDATE : We have been insured with Geico for our rv insurance for some time after we wrote this article and have had very good luck. It is important that you have the loan, ownership, and licensing for your rv in one name or it will be very hard to get rv insurance. ]

Anyway, ask for the RV division. You'll have better luck.


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