Monday, November 9, 2009

Checklist for Leaving Home and Returning to your RV

[ This will be a post that we update as we find out new tips/tricks as we RV around the world - or at least Texas! ]

You've had a hard week. It's Friday afternoon, you're tired, you're ready to leave work, and you have your recreational vehicle parked somewhere "ready to go" and you can have a relaxing weekend.

But if you forget even the simplest things, your weekend can start with a real smudge. Here is a list that we have put together and are also refining (it will grow/change/even shrink) as we go from our lives in the city to our travelling vacation home called Puma!

I put together this checklist, which we discovered by making mistakes!

* Have an RV bag. This is a bag that throughout the week you place things into the bag that you will need and enjoy having at your RV.
* Camera - Easy to forget so I put it here and you'll want it with you.
* Computer
* Clothes
* Groceries (I'll put together a helpful grocery list reminder on another day)
* Shoes - We packed our clothes but forgot shoes once!
* Low Fat / Low Sugar Food for the trip - Don't stop and buy junk!
* Drinks for the trip!
* iPod - Especially if you like music or have some great podcasts.
* Sheets
* Towels - Clean :-)
* Toothpaste
* Deodorant
* Soap / Shampoo
* Razors / Shavecream

Now, grab your stuff and head for the recreational vehicle!

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