Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wimberley Market Days

Wimberley holds a superb event the first weekend of every month (except Jan and Feb).

It is called Market Days.

It is a really a great reason to have your recreational vehicle down in Wimberley for a weekend.

It would be very hard to describe except to say it is one of the most amazing collection of artistic vendors I have ever seen.

A person can find just about anything to personalize a living space under the sun. You can find bottle caps with custom decor that can be made into necklaces as well as ice coolers that really look like great wooden pieces. The ice coolers can even have custom logos of anything you want carved into them.

There are some food vendors, but artistic creations is the watchword.

Some notes we took from our FIRST visit to market days.

* Wear
walking shoes.
* Bring cash. Some folks accept Visa, but cash seems to be king.
* Parking is reasonable, anywhere from $3-$5.
* Start early. Most booths were packing up by 3pm!
* Prepare for heat. Bring a hat.
* Bring a little shopping cart - like a two wheel cart. A bag would work too.
* Food and drinks were reasonable for a festival setting.
* Be prepared to stop and visit with people.
* Leave your dog at home.
* Be mentally prepared for sometimes narrow paths.

There are other notes about Market Days. When we spoke with the Lions Club (Market Days sponsors) they said people decide not to attend to their booths on a regular basis and you could rent one time in a random spot for $60. You can rent for the whole year (they prefer a 1 year lease) for $500 which is 10 Market Day events.

If you have an artistic 'bent' at all, this is a great venue. One artisan we spoke with
commented that in one day at Market Days he was able to match 3 days at any other event. People are very friendly in Wimberley so it looks like a great place and for $60 to try, that isn't a big risk.

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