Saturday, November 28, 2009

Leveling our RV the NEXT Time Correctly

We just got our recreational vehicle parked at the Llano River RV Park near Mason Texas.

We're unhooked and then I tried to level the RV and got it mostly level using my own technique which I synthesized solely from my mind - via a set of my own assumptions.

But inside the trailer the bathroom door would not shut.

You could LOOK at the door and see that the frame of the RV must be flexing a little bit.

But how could it? My leveling technique was just fine, wasn't it?

And there was one question that was really dogging me : If you have leveling jacks on the four corners of the RV and you need to level the RV from left to right, what do you do about the wheels of the RV. The WHEELS were my big mystery. The WHEELS must allow for some left to right adjustment, but how?

Now I can't speak for all RV's, but I can speak for Puma (our Palomino RV Travel Trailer).

Here is the answer to the mystery, actually several answers to several mysteries.
  1. The wheels DO NOT LEVEL left to right.
  2. The jacks on the four corners only provide SUPPORT for sagging, not lift for leveling.
  3. The jacks are correctly named STABILIZER jacks.
  4. The FRONT JACK on the tow bar is the jack you should use for leveling.
So HERE is the correct leveling procedure, which I'll put in as SHORT as I possibly can so that you can see it is very simple.
  1. Park the RV so that the left to right of the RV is level. You may have to park the wheels that are on the LOW side of the RV on something - like a wide board (or two or three).
  2. Suspend your disbelief that there is not a better way - at least on some RV's.
  3. Disconnect from the tow vehicle.
  4. Crank the main tow bar hitch UP or DOWN so that the RV is level from front to back.
  5. Crank down EACH stabilizer jack so that it kisses the ground, then give it a little more pressure so that it just supports the corner and doesn't LIFT it.
I might do a little video later (in high speed funny mode) to show how this is done. Its really not too bad.

Finally, make sure you have a set of wood planks with you so that you are prepared. Measure prior to shopping for the wood or you'll make two trips. Measure twice, cut once!

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