Thursday, September 23, 2010

RV Basics : Saving space by using Closet Organizers

Article Update :

Other space saving concepts we use in addition to one of our earliest space savings idea :
By the way, you can use these in tiny houses too, not just RV's.

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Not all of our closets in our RV make sense for hanging clothes. In particular there are some small closets in the bathroom which make sense for towels and other items. A few other articles in which we discussed space savings ideas are our shower caddy and our towel rack.

We have found a nice method for utilizing this space better is to have a hanging closet organizer (the link is for a similar product from Amazon). Some of its nice points are that it is easy to install, lightweight and we can take it out if our needs change.

This one cost us about $10 and we also got it at Bed Bath and Beyond. It does a good job of letting us store towels and not just pile them up in the closet.

Picture of Closet Organizer in RV for Space Savings
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