Tuesday, February 8, 2011

RV Video Walkthru : 2010 Open Range 399BHS

Sheri and I recently purchased a new Open Range 399BHS Fifth Wheel RV. We love it. I created a simple walk through review of the unit in the video below.

Before I talk about some of the features of the unit, I'll list some of the articles I've written that you may find helpful.

Some of the features of our Open Range 399BHS that are noteworthy are listed below. I'm not going to try to be exhaustive, but really just list the ones that are really useful and different.
  • Electronic leveling. Actually, you do the leveling, but the jacking is all electric. Does require some advance planning, but it is pretty neat.
  • JT Strong Arm Stabilizers. 
  • Black tank rinse. I'll always want one of these in our rigs. They are life changing. 
  • DSI Hot water heater. I LOVE the ability to heat water multiple ways. 
  • Electric fireplace. I love having an RV electric fireplace. They are awesome AND they are efficient.
  • Pot and Pan decorative hanger above the sink. That is really cool.
  • Electric RV Awning. 
Here are some things that aren't so great. Not a big deal to us really, but you should know Open Range is not perfect. I think they try pretty hard though so this isn't bashing them, just listing some things that need improvement.
  • The Carrier Air V is a pretty lame air conditioner. The electronic controls just don't seem to work correctly. Also it could use a regular wall thermostat. The thermostat is in the unit - directly above the fireplace.
  • The sink needs a splash guard.
  • I would love indoor gray tank controls.


imac said...

So what is your take on the Screen Door or the lack there of said screen door?

RV Marlan said...

I don't have a problem with it.

But my LOVED her screen door on Puma. An open door does allow more air flow and makes the camper very pleasant.

Currently, we're feebly searching for a screen we could use. We really would prefer a screen door.